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excavator [gear oil] related problems are here!

excavator [gear oil] related problems are here!
When you are doing maintenance on the excavator, the most important thing is the Hydraulic Oil and the oil. This is understandable. Speaking of gear oil, I think the first thing that everyone thinks about may be the gear oil of the car or the gear oil of the rear axle of the vehicle. In fact, our excavators also need gear oil. So, which parts of the excavator need to use gear oil? How do we check and replace the gear oil? Today, Xiaobian teaches you with your hands and is optimistic!
What damage does the lack of gear oil bring?
What do you want the reducer to be most afraid of? The most fear is that the gear oil is leaked unconsciously. After the lack of oil, it is easy to damage the bearings and gears. Seriously, the entire gearbox can be scrapped, not only losing money, but also delaying the construction period. Because it costs money to make money, it is too blocked.
Slewing motor reducer damaged by oil leakage
What causes the travel motor reducer to leak oil?
Since the travel motor reducer is always exposed to the outside, it is easy to damage the floating oil seal in some harsh construction environments, which may result in oil leakage. There are a lot of excavators that are used for dry building or new construction. On this site, there are a lot of scrap wire and scrap steel. It is easy to get caught in the floating oil seal. After the floating throttle is opened, it is easy to leak the gear oil. And there are many sundries on the construction site, it is very likely that the wire is involved in the reducer or has caused the oil to leak.
Therefore, if it is found in time, replace the floating oil seal and the supplemental gear oil. If there is more oil leakage, the gear oil gear between the gear reducer and the gear and the bearing will be damaged due to lack of lubrication.
Travel motor reducer damaged due to lack of oil
How to check if there is no oil?
There is usually an oil gauge above the swing motor. Usually, the oil gauge can be pulled out to see if the gear oil level is between the two observation holes at the bottom of the scale. The small hole above the scale represents the highest liquid level, and the lowest hole represents the lowest liquid. Position, the liquid level between the two observation holes is normal. When the liquid level is lower than the lowest hole, the gear oil should be replenished in time.
How to change gear oil for rotary motor reducer?
Oil change time: After the oil change period is reached, it is necessary to replace the new gear oil in time. Generally, after the excavator stops working for half an hour, the gear oil is at the bottom of the reducer and the oil temperature will not be too high. Too low, the old oil can be discharged as much as possible. After the old oil is cleaned, tighten the oil drain screw, and then add new gear oil from the gear oil filling port. At this time, pay attention to observe the vernier scale to avoid too little or It is an excessive amount of added gear oil.
Filling the gear oil from the oil observation port
How to add and replace gear oil for the travel motor reducer?
Before stopping, you can support the unilateral walking in turn, so that the driving wheel is turned to the position suitable for refueling (there is an English logo on the general driving wheel, and the English is stopped immediately).
The next step is to drain the oil. Since the oil temperature may not drop completely at this time, there is high temperature and high pressure gear oil inside the reducer. Unscrewing the lowermost oil drain bolt directly may cause the oil to be ejected and dangerous. When oil is used, the three bolts can be unscrewed from top to bottom, which makes the operation safer and helps to drain the old oil.
Before unscrewing the lowermost oil drain bolt, you can use a basin and other containers to place the oil under the reducer. The old oil can be sold to the old oil recovery mechanism without polluting the environment.
After draining the old oil, tighten the lowermost oil drain bolt and refuel from the top gear oil filling hole. For large digging, you can dig a hole in the middle of the mineral water bottle for filling.
For some small digging, because the gear oil filling hole is relatively small, the mineral water bottle stopper does not enter, you can use this oil funnel to fill, the lower part of the funnel is a hose, when the gear oil overflows from the middle observation hole, it means When the liquid level reaches the rated value, tighten all the bolts.
Of course, not every brand of drive motor reducer is three bolts, some only two, the same as the three bolts, but the middle hole is responsible for the task of refueling and observation, adding gear When the oil overflows from the oil hole, it means that the oil level is reached.
The so-called three-point extension and seven-point maintenance, daily inspection and maintenance is very important for a machine. Gear oil plays an important role as a lubricating medium for excavator travel and rotary reducers. Check and replenish and replace gear oil in time to avoid the walking and turning failure of the excavator during work, so that your excavator can live for a few more years~
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