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Hydraulic excavator after-treatment method


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Excavator hydraulic Pump after severe wear we find the cause of the malfunction according to the following three points, and the system to improve:

(1) check the boom cylinder leakage situation. The easiest way is to raise the boom to see if there is a clear free fall. If the whereabouts of obvious removal of fuel tank inspection, seals have been worn should be replaced.

(2) check the control valve. First clean the safety valve , check whether the spool wear, such as wear and tear should be replaced. If there is still no change after installation of safety valve, and then check the control valve spool wear, the gap limit of use is generally 0.06mm, severe wear and tear should be replaced.

(3) measuring excavator hydraulic pump pressure. If the pressure is low, then make adjustments, the pressure is still not adjustable, the serious damage to the hydraulic pump.

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In general, the main reason that the boom can not be lifted is:

a. Excavator hydraulic pump is severely worn. The pump leaks seriously at low speed. When the pump runs at high speed, the pump pressure slightly increases, but due to the pump wear and leakage, the volumetric efficiency drops significantly and it is difficult to reach the rated pressure. Hydraulic pump work for a long time has exacerbated the wear and tear, oil temperature, resulting in wear and tear of hydraulic components and seals aging, damage, loss of sealing ability, Hydraulic Oil deterioration, and finally lead to failure.

b. hydraulic components selection is not reasonable. Boom cylinder specifications for 70/40 non-standard series, the seals are also non-standard parts, high manufacturing costs and seal replacement inconvenience. Boom cylinder bore is small, the system is bound to set high pressure.

c. Hydraulic system design is not reasonable. Control valve and full hydraulic steering gear for a single pump in series, safety valve setting pressure points 16MPa, and excavator hydraulic pump rated working pressure is also 16MPa. Hydraulic pump often at full load or prolonged overload (high pressure) work, and the system has a hydraulic impact, long-term oil does not change, the hydraulic oil contaminated, exacerbating the hydraulic pump wear and tear, resulting in hydraulic pump shell burst (was found Such failure).

Improve and effect

(l) Improve hydraulic system design. After many arguments, the final use of advanced priority valve and load sensing hydraulic steering gear form. The new system can give priority to the distribution of traffic in accordance with the steering requirements, regardless of the size of the load, the steering wheel speed can ensure adequate supply of oil, the remaining part can be fully supplied to the working device circuit, thus eliminating the power supply due to excessive steering oil supply Loss, improve the system efficiency, reduce the working pressure of excavator hydraulic pump.

(2) Optimize the design of boom cylinder and hydraulic pump to reduce the pressure of system work. Through optimization calculation, the boom cylinder adopts standard series 80/4. Hydraulic pump displacement increased from 10ml / r to 14ml / r, the system set pressure of 14MPa, to meet the boom cylinder lifting force and speed requirements.

(3) Pay attention to proper use and maintenance of loaders in the process of using, regularly add or replace hydraulic oil, maintain the cleanliness of hydraulic oil, and strengthen routine inspection and maintenance.

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